Driver G2 Kampala (174224) job at WFP


Driver G2 Kampala (174224) job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 14 October 2022

Hiring Organization: WFP

Job Details:

Job purpose
To provide support with the implementation of programmes in accordance with Uganda Country Office’s annual work-plan and as per Administrative/transport regulations and standard operating procedures. The position is attached to the driver pool in Kampala

Key Accountabilities Continued
• Outside driving duties, perform basic office related tasks such as filing, photocopying, and maintaining stores when required including delivery/collection of various items
• Collect and deliver mails, documents and other items as may be required.
• Responsible for daily vehicle maintenance of the assigned vehicles by carrying out daily vehicle inspections and timely reporting of any faults for repairs.
• Adhere to WFP health and safety guidelines and minimise road related incidents
• Ensure completion of all mandatory trainings as assigned in the WFP e-learning portal.
• Vehicles are driven safely, optimizing vehicle use, economizing fuel as well as minimizing tear and wear
• Perform any other duties as required

Wfp leadership framework: common standards of behaviour:
Leads by Example with Integrity
Upholds WFP values, principles, and standards:
Demonstrates and encourages others to uphold the WFP values, principles and standards Respects others and values diversity:
Values diversity using respectful and inclusive language, and encourages others to do the same Stays focused and calm under pressure:
Stays focused and calm when under pressure and encourages others to do the same
Demonstrates humility and a willingness to learn: \
Shows humility and a willingness to learn and share knowledge, frequently seeking and acting on feedback, and taking up opportunities to develop
Drives Results and Delivers on Commitments
Delivers results for maximum impact:
Holds self and/or others accountable for the delivery of results Delegates appropriately:
Delivers results against delegated tasks and seeks guidance and support where needed Adapts readily to change:
Responds readily to change adjusting work as needed
Fosters Inclusive and Collaborative Teamwork
Is inclusive and collaborative: Promotes inclusive teamwork and psychological safety by sharing ideas and openly raising issues
Gives timely and constructive feedback:
Supports development for others by giving timely and constructive feedback
Builds and shares new perspectives:
Listens attentively to others to capture, learn, build and share new perspectives
Applies Strategic Thinking
Communicates and fulfils WFP’s vision:
Fulfils WFP’s vision and is able to explain how their objectives support the vision
Embraces curiosity and new ways of doing things:
Demonstrates curiosity, and proposes new ways of doing things when relevant Analyses and evaluates data:
Gathers data and shares knowledge to inform team decision making
Considers the impact of decisions:
Implements decisions and asks questions to understand the impact for wider objectives
Builds and Maintains Sustainable Partnerships
Builds partnerships: Builds partnerships by seeking out opportunities to work with others
Collaborates to deliver common objectives:
Collaborates with partners by sharing information and working together to deliver common goals

Functional capabilities
Capability Name Description of the behaviour expected for the proficiency level
Supply Chain Management and Optimization Displays aptitude at monitoring and reporting on supply chain operations to enable teams to efficiently assess the performance and sustainability of current networks.
Planning, Project & Resource Management Supports the planning, forecasting & resource management efforts of own team by collecting data from diverse sources.
Information Management & Reporting Collates accurate and timely information and data to enable informed decision making on reporting within individual unit and consequently the greater humanitarian community.
Market Analysis, Contracting and Operational Execution Ability to collect and collate necessary information to enable WFP to make informed operational decisions.
Warehouse and Inventory Management Demonstrates ability to implement operational warehouse procedures and normative guidance in order to manage WFP’s warehouse, handle inventory effectively through corporate systems, and ensure loss mitigation.
Technical Assistance and Coordination Demonstrates awareness of the importance of technical assistance and coordination with key stakeholders and an ability to carry out logistics activities, respecting individual mandates and programme priorities.

Standard Minimum Academic Qualifications
Completion of secondary school education. Formal drivers training with a valid driver’s license/certification to operate assigned vehicle following local rules and regulations
Two or more years of work experience as a Driver, preferably in an international organization, embassy, or UN system with a demonstrated safe driving record. Experience in driving a variety of makes and models of vehicles, including vans, trucks, and other kinds of motorized vehicles. Experience in defensive driving is desirable
Knowledge and skills
Knowledge of driving rules and regulations, chauffeur protocol and courtesies, local roads/waterways and conditions, and security issues.
• Knowledge of the vehicle loading capacity and other parameters.
• Knowledge of driving/boat operating rules and regulations whichever applicable.

Other requirements
• Knowledge of safety standards and safety equipment (e.g., fire extinguishers, buoyant wearable safety devices, etc.).
• Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
• Basic skills to assist in case of emergency, knowledge of first aid basic methods.
• Knowledge and ability to use radio, email, telephone and other applications.
• Ability to assess vehicles for mechanical fitness and skills in minor vehicle repairs.
• Ability to demonstrate a client-oriented approach, high sense of responsibility, courtesy and tact.
Fluency (level C) in the UN language in use at the duty station and in the duty station’s language, if different


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Date Posted: 2022-10-01