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Mud Logger job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 02 September 2022

Hiring Organization: Aldelia Global Manpower Uganda

Job Details:

On behalf of our client in the oil and gas sector, Aldelia and HR Beyond Limits Limited is looking for competent individuals to fill the following position:
Job Position: Mud Logger
Department: COAP - Field Crew Employment Status: Exlog Statt or Contractor, Full time

Role Summary
The Mud Logger's role is to provide the principal geological surveillance service for well site drilling operations. He / She provides the customer with a detailed analysis, interpretation and record of the rock cuttings and oil & gas shows. In the absence of a Data Engineer the Mud Logger is the focal point for communication with other service company employees, drilling contractor crew and the Client; appraising and company employees, drilling contractor crew and the Client; appraising and advising them of any operational event that may affect drilling or work-over operations. He / She monitors drilling activities and unexpected well behaviour to report and minimize operational risks and environmental damage.

The Mud Logger supervises, if present, the Sample Catcher or Trainee Mud Logger.
The Mud Logger reports to, if present, the Data Engineer and functionally to an Exlog Wellsite Geologist. in the absence of either to the Exlog Operations Manager
The Mud Logger collaborates with customer representatives and takes directions from them relative to customer specific contracted services.

Responsibilities and Principal Duties General
• For continual. 24hr coverage, the mud logging unit must always be occupied and fully operational. For acceptable breaks, of short duration, including sample catching. emergency repairs, meals etc. the customer must be aware of and have agrees to a nominal routine when a unit may be unmanned
• Tasks are assigned according to the Company approved Service Delivery Plans (SDP). This includes customer and regulatory requirements; operational conformity checks and levels of satisfaction.
• Job and drilling program information for well site operations, are identified and communicated by the Operations Manager or customer during briefings, de-briefings and daily pre-job task risk assessments. Geological Monitoring (as per requirements)
• Perform or supervise the collection of cuttings samples, from the proper lagged depths. and at the proper intervals as required for evaluation.
• Perform or supervise the washing and screening of samples, the correct apportioning of reliably labelled geological samples and packing by sets for the customer, partners and trade
• Perform or supervise core catching, handling and analysis, as per the instructions of customer.
• Examine. describe and record samples as per industry standards and Customer specifications.
• Make detailed measurements, analysis, interpretation and records of the geology and oil and gas shows, serison measurements.
• Ensure that the mud log is accurate and comprehensive.
• Annotate digital logs clearly and correctly. Well site Monitoring (when required)
• Perform or assist in the close monitoring and validation of gas levels. lag time, drilling mud and drilling parameters, reporting any anomalies to the appropriate persons for immediate action or closer surveillance.
• Perform gas sampling as required.
• Monitor of tripping and casing operations and cross check theoretical and actual mud returns correspond to expected well behaviour.
• Reporting Determine, with custonier representative and Operations Management reporting and emergency reporting procedures.
• Be aware of and ensure confidentiality and any 'tight hole' requirements. . Submit accurate daily reports concerning geological and drilling parameters and the relevant section of the mud log.
• Prepare and submit a geological summary in the Final Well Report.
• Ensure that the unit diary, Spare pants and consumable inventories equipment status reports, Calibration reports and other specified equipment monitoring reports are kept up to date.
• Perform or assist in correctly filling out of weekly, monthly, service activity; and customer satisfaction reports and dispatch to Operations Manager by the first of the following month.
• Maintain regular contact with the Operations Manager to report the current work situation and remedy any potential or ongoing non conformances.
• Properly organise and file reports, charts, data and plots for later use by the Customer.
• Maintain personal competence records.
• Ensure performance evaluations and verify competence levels of all personnel under your control. Equipment (when required)
• Perform or supervise the regular and frequent calibration checks of gas and monitoring instruments. Assist or perform normal maintenance and necessary repairs on all equipment, particularly gas instruments, hook height, WOH, pit level, H2S and mud flow sensors. Report breakdowns immediately to the appropriate persons,
• Assist or perform normal maintenance and necessary repairs on all equipment
• Maintaining sensor calibration records availability for audits. . Propose to Operations Management innovative ideas for improvement of techniques or equipment used in the
• Propose to Operations Management innovative ideas for improvement of techniques or equipment used in the mud logging process.
• Ensure customers are aware of potential services / techniques available! to improve their operations.
• Assist or perform Rig-Up and Rig Down the unit and all equipment as required, conforming to the scope of work. Ensure all installations are: performed in a safe manner.

Specific Responsibilities of Job
• Operations Management System (OMS) I requirements for all policies, Standards and Guidelines. See Appendix 1
• Other specific activities defined by an assignment and recorded in job; briefing notes
• The Mud Logger is also responsible for a Trainee Mud Logger on-the-job training as hired
• Previous Experience and Competencies Education/Experience
• Ideally a technical or Bachelor education level. Preference is given to persons with an undergraduate degree in Engineering or in Earth Science or have the relevant knowledge of experience to perform the job. Preference is given to candidates who have worked with a minimum 5 years' experience in performing Field services as Mud Logger.
• Experience to work with Exlog ANAX and XVIEW system is Mandatory. Knowledge and Ability
• Demonstrated ability to work in a complex fast paced environment
• Have a proven hands-on attitude, be agile and adaptable . Good communication skills
• Have a proven hands-on attitude, be agile and adaptable . Good communication skills
• Thorough grasp of basic petroleum geology and excellent couter skills.
• Experience with Excel :: Logging equipment
• All Corporate Ethics, Code of Conduct, Trade and relevant compliance certification as outlined in: Group Certification Matrix.
• Job Skilis/ Competency Training Programme for Mud Logger Competency
• Job Skills! Competency Training Programme for Senior ML Competency
• Job Skills/ Competency Training Programme for Advanced ML Competency
• All current country and client regulatory certification, ie Work permits. offshore passes All current employment certification le travel docuinentation and medical certificates, vaccinations
• Other specific to be defined according to the Client certification. I client systems, client systems, FP certification is mandatory Work Environment & Physical Demands Rig site rotation schedules and call out /spot assignments - 24 hour a day service, typically 12-hour shifts and occasionally 24hr cover • Availability to attend company and industry training courses during rotational leave . Often involving physical severe stretching and manual handling and lifting activities . Relevant Local and international medical certification and screening and regulatory obligations / controls
• The Mud Logger must commit to and demonstrate knowledge of Excellence Logging business strategies and relevant group directives compliant with
• The Mud Logger must commit to and dernonstrate knowledge of Excellence Logging business strategies and relevant group directives compliant with Operations Management System (OMS) and all policies, standards, guidelines, instructions, forms, reference documents and training material contained therein:


Application procedure

All Qualified and interested applicants should submit via email detailed Curriculum Vitae containing contact details and telephone numbers of work-related reference persons to; Files should be submitted in standard file types like MS Word (.doc) and Adobe I Acrobat (pdf)
Deadline: 02nd September 2022 at 5.00pm Please indicate the position for which you are applying in the subject line of your E-mail Kindly note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

Date Posted: 2022-08-28