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Project Officer – Education (GAC) job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 17 August 2022

Hiring Organization: Oxfam Novib

Job Details:

Project Officer – Education (GAC)
Team Purpose:

• Working with and through partners and Civil Society networks to support women, men and young people to meaningfully participate in transformative education policy processes and to actively demand for their rights and related human capital development benefits.
• Ensures the promotion of women’s rights is at the heart of Oxfam in Uganda’s program work.
• Promote the Triple nexus programming and Oxfam’s one program approach’s way of working.

Job Responsibilities
• Ensure project reporting timelines and project benchmarks are adhered to on GAC project.
• Ensure the project is implemented by partners as a single project.
• Develop quality concept notes and plan project activity implementation.
• Compile quality project narrative reports from partners and ensure they comply with Oxfam and donor reporting standards.
• Conduct analysis of projects reports in Oxfam SAP system and give feedback to partners.
• Liaise with MEAL staff to support project monitoring and evaluation actions.
• Effectively document all information including good practices and project success stories and share them.
• Ensure sound analysis of current policy trends and support its inclusion in programming choices.
• Identify and analyses relevant research products and recommend how the education project can utilize them.
• Hold reflection meetings on key education project activities and indicators.
• Conduct support supervision and mentoring to project stakeholders including partners.
• Support Oxfam teams and partners in setting up a research agenda, conducting the research and dissemination of the research products relevant to the project.
• Gather information about different initiatives by CSOs and ensure they are captured in project design and implementation.
• Ensure close working relationship with other thematic projects and build synergies for complementarity, support and learning.
• Gather information about different initiatives by CSOs and ensure they are captured in project design and implementation.
• Ensure close working relationship with other thematic initiatives and projects and build synergies for complementarity, support and learning.
• Ensure the project is linked to the broader education sub theme and governance and accountability program as well as to both resilient livelihoods, Gender Justice and humanitarian work of Oxfam and that Women’s rights is at the core of the project work.
• Support on research, show casing, advocacy, campaigns, fund raising and public engagements in the spirit of a triple nexus and one program approach.
• Any other duties provided by the supervisor.

• Inspire and Empower: Oxfam desires a person whose ideologies, passion, compassion and working styles, will inspire and empower other colleagues. You should be motivational, inspirational and empowering.
• Thought leadership: Adopt a “thought leadership” attitude, stay up to date with the latest thinking, undertake research or analysis that brings new perspectives and insights.
• Initiator: actively identify opportunities and initiates actions and processes to address both existing or impending challenges to avert delays, derailments, overlaps, duplication and redundancy of Oxfam’s programs.
• Effective Communicator and relationship builder: You must be effective in both oral and written communications to Oxfam staff, partners, supporters and external stakeholders.
• Systems thinker: you must understand how your actions, inactions, program work affects Oxfam as a confederation and partners. You must understand the interconnectedness of the work that Oxfam does and the broader change goals it seeks to achieve

• You will work closely and report to the Transformative Education Project Coordinator.

Budget Management
• You will not have any budget approval authority but will support budget execution of the project under your function.

• You must have a Bachelors’ degree and a post graduate qualification in a relevant field. (e.g. Education, Public Administration, International Development, Law, etc.)

Experience and Job Requirements
• 5+ years of working on education projects; Experience of working in an international organization will be an added advantage.
• Excellent knowledge of programme development and delivery approaches, tools, methodologies and best practices;
• Excellent Gender analytical lense and conversant with Feminist principles and inclusive approaches;
• Excellent research skills and demonstrated publications of opinions, blogs, articles in topical issues;
• Knowledge and practical experience on education project management in a diverse socio-political set up and ideally built on mature understanding of relevant issues.
• Good knowledge of active citizenship and constraints to citizens’ participation in decision making processes.
• Experience of and thorough understanding of a “Rights Based Approach”;
• Commitment to and good knowledge of working with a partnership approach across the spectrum of Oxfam’s work, including innovative approaches to capacity strengthening;
• Good knowledge of and experience with Education donor funding environment and good financial and project management skills;
• Excellent communication skills, in written and verbal English;

Key Attributes:
• Ability to demonstrate sensitivity to cultural differences and gender issues, as well as the commitment to equal opportunities.
• Ability to demonstrate an openness and willingness to learn about the application of gender/gender mainstreaming, women’s rights, feminist principles and diversity for all aspects of development work.
• Commitment to Oxfam’s safeguarding policies to ensure all people who come into contact with Oxfam are as safe as possible.
• Ability to demonstrate a high level of self-awareness, initiative, sound judgment, personal energy and flexibility;
• Ability and willingness to travel and to work extra hours as necessary;

Organisational Values:
• Accountability – Our purpose-driven, results-focused approach means we take responsibility for our actions and hold ourselves accountable. We believe that others should also be held accountable for their actions.
• Empowerment – Our approach means that everyone involved with Oxfam, from our staff and supporters to people living in poverty, should feel they can make change happen.
• Inclusiveness – We are open to everyone and embrace diversity. We believe everyone has a contribution to make, regardless of visible and invisible differences.

Key Behavioral Competencies (based on Oxfam’s Leadership Model)

Influencing We have the ability to engage with diverse stakeholders in a way that leads to increased impact for the organization We spot opportunities to influence effectively and where there are no opportunities we have the ability to create them in a respectful and impactful manner.
Humility We put ‘we’ before ‘me’ and place an emphasis on the power of the collective, nurture the team and play to the strengths of each individual. We are not concerned with hierarchical power, and we engage with, trust and value the knowledge and expertise of others across all levels of the organization.
Relationship Building We understand the importance of building relationship, within and outside the organization. We have the ability to engage with traditional and non-traditional stakeholders in ways that lead to increased impact for the organization.
Listening We are good listeners who can see where deeper levels of thoughts and tacit assumptions differ. Our messages to others are clear and consider different preferences.
Mutual Accountability We can explain our decisions and how we have taken them based on our organizational values. We are ready to be held to account for what we do and how we behave, as we are also holding others to account in a consistent manner.
Agility, Complexity, and Ambiguity We scan the environment, anticipate changes, are comfortable with lack of clarity and deal with a large number of elements interacting in diverse and unpredictable ways.
Self-Awareness We are able to develop a high degree of self-awareness around our own strengths and weaknesses and our impact on others. Our self-awareness enables us to moderate and self-regulate our behaviors to control and channel our impulses for good purposes.
We all work to effectively empower and enable others to deliver the organizations goals through creating conditions of success. We passionately invest in others by developing their careers, not only their skills for the job. We provide freedom; demonstrate belief and trust provide appropriate support.

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Date Posted: 2022-08-01