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John Snow Inc (JSI)

Program Officer job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 14 March 2022

Hiring Organization: John Snow Inc (JSI)

Job Details:

In line with the Government of Uganda's COVID-19 prevention plan, RHITES-N, Lango supported COVID-19 vaccination in the Lango sub-region to increase coverage for target populations. By January 2022, the regional coverage for the first and second COVID-19 doses were 86% (1,001,733) and 37% (160, 383) respectively, against a target population of 1,246,796, which are both below the national target of 100%. The proportion of fully vaccinated individuals among priority groups remains suboptimal: 0.03% of health care workers, 0.05% of teachers, 0.004% of security personnel, 0.5% of elderly (50 years and above). There has been however an increase in the proportion of individuals who received the first dose of AstraZeneca vaccines which stood at only 14% in April 2021.
John Snow Inc (JSI) is seeking to recruit a Program Officer who work as Regional Consultant to oversee COVID-19 Activity Vaccination Implementation work plan and budget including coordination, planning, monitoring and reporting on both activity and budget progress in the next seven months.

Scope of Work:
The consultant is expected to carry out the following tasks:
• Support the development of activity Terms of Reference (TORS) and Budgets; working closely with Activity Leads
• Support the organization of monthly Regional Task Force Review Meetings; work with the sectary to draft and share minutes with SMT, and submit accountabilities to finance.
• Prepare and share bi-weekly COVID-19 Update during the bi-weekly technical review Meetings
• Participate in Virtual COVID-19 IP meetings including making presentations on behalf of the project and share meeting highlights with SMT.
• Support the Regional Public Health Emergency Operation Center (PHEOC) to coordinate all regional resource teams in Lango; working closely with LRRH.
• Perform monthly COVID-19 vaccination coverage data reviews to identify poorly performing districts/ SCs, and work with the MEL and district teams to make course corrections.
• Prepare and submit a monthly USAID COVID-19 Report. An online COVID-19 Reporting system will be used.
• Prepare quarterly and annual COVID19 Activity Reports and share for consolidation into the project reports.
• Prepare quarterly and annual COVID19 Activity Reports and share for consolidation into the project reports.
• Document and share COVID-19 learning and success stories; working closely with the communication advisor.
• Monitor and Track vaccine logistics working closely with the MEL team and supply chain advisor
• Monitor and Track COVID-19 Data backlog entry working closely with the MEL Team
• Monitor and Track COVID Activity Implementation and Budget progress working closely with activity leads and finance respectively. Monthly meetings will be conducted.
• Monitor and Track COVID-19 Procurements working closely with the activity leads, and the Internal Procurement Committee (IPC).
• Any other task (s) as and when assigned by SMT.

Specific Deliverables:
• The consultant's performance will be evaluated against the deliverable outlined below. Any changes to the deliverable will be documented and confirmed by the supervisor
• Activity TORs and Budgets developed submitted, and processed and approved on time.
• Minutes of Monthly Regional Task Force Review Meeting shared.
• Bi-weekly COVID-19 updated shared with SMT.
• Key Highlights from USAID IP Meetings shared with SMT.
• A PHEOC established and functional at LRRH. 6. COVID-19 Online reports prepared and submitted on time.
• Monthly Technical briefs on COVID-19 Vaccination coverage by district prepared and shared.
• Documentation of COVID-19 vaccination good practices and lessons learned.
• Activity implementation and Budget performance enhanced.
• Planned COVID-19 related procurements timely completed

Technical Capacity of the Consultant
• Experience in Uganda's National Expanded Program on Immunization strategy and performance of data analysis to identify immunization performance gaps
• Knowledge of Government of Uganda COVID-19 policies and strategies, including the Accelerated
• Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy.
• Knowledge of USAID/Uganda COVID-19 guidelines and use of online reporting systems.
• Proven ability to conceptualize, plan and execute ideas as well as to transfer knowledge and skills.
• Strong writing and communication skills and ability to handle competing messages and priorities with multiple audiences.
• Proven ability to work under the pressure of limited time and resources in a diverse team.

Required Qualifications and Skills
• Bachelor's degree or its equivalent in Medicine, Nursing, Public health, Environmental Health Scientists or any other Health related qualifications.
• A minimum of 1-2 years' work experience implementing COVID-19 activities, including vaccination.
• QI approaches experience (not more than five years ago) working in collaboration with MOH, international and local donor agencies, district local governments, and health facilities (public/private).
• Experience working in the Lango sub-region is an added advantage.
• Experience and knowledge in technical and programming in COVID-19, WASH and IPC approaches, at district, health facility and community level, and the evidence behind successful approaches to improve services, with a proven track record/ demonstrated ability of improving quality of services at health facilities and in the community
• Excellent mentorship and facilitation skills with experience in conducting trainings.
• Ability to collect, analyze, evaluate, and visualize (quantitative and qualitative) data
• Previous experience working with USAID funded programs or other donors and multilateral agencies is an added advantage., with an in-depth knowledge of USAID programs, regulations, compliance and reporting
• Familiar with basic communication technology to manage virtual meetings and adequate working knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office package (Word, Excel minimum). Strong skills in teamwork, facilitation and ability to communicate effectively (oral and written) and be comfortable with both qualitative and quantitative methods and have solid computer skills (writing, data collection, analysis and reporting skills).
• Ability and willingness to travel within the supported districts for 90% of the time.
• Ability to work in a complex environment with multiple tasks, short deadlines and intense pressure to perform.
• Have strong organizational skills, be self-driven and able to work effectively under pressure.
• Demonstrated knowledge of the Uganda health system, national COVID-19 policies, strategies and structures and ability to build and sustain strong relationships with national partners for COVID-19 services, including representatives from implementing partners, regional referral hospitals, districts, NGOs, CSOs, and the private sector.

Application procedure

Interested candidates should submit their letter of interest and CV to
Deadline: Monday, 14th March 2022.

Date Posted: 2022-03-10