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Wildlife Crime Data Analyst job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 22 January 2022

Hiring Organization: Space for Giants

Job Details:

Wildlife Crime Data Analyst , East Africa Region – Space for Giants

Space for Giants is looking to recruit for the position of Wildlife Crime Data Analyst for the East Africa Region [Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania].

Space for Giants is an international conservation organisation that protects Africa’s remaining natural ecosystems and the large wild animals they contain, while bringing major social and economic value to local communities and national governments. It is headquartered in Kenya, works in ten countries in Africa, and is registered as a charity in the UK and a 501c3 non profit in the US. Learn more at spaceforgiants.org
Wildlife Justice and Rule of Law Programme
Space for Giants Wildlife Justice and Rule of Law Programme aims to improve the responsiveness of the entire criminal justice pathway. The programme has four major strands of work that feedback into each other, namely; court monitoring, law/policy development, legal capacity building and wildlife justice advocacy. Baseline wildlife crime national surveys are done to inform the systemic interventions we pursue at a law/policy national/regional levels. We then undertake legal capacity building work to all relevant state actors to better apply the reformed/existing legal and policy frameworks, The programme runs continuous court monitoring and wildlife justice advocacy to monitor the implementation of the law and inform further law/policy development or legal capacity building work. This holistic approach is crucial to the success of the programme which has contributed to increasing wildlife crime convictions from 24% to 90% in Kenya which has in turn led to a drop in poaching by 80% over the last 3 years. Key to delivery of the programme is having Wildlife Justice Advisors (WJA) who are highly knowledgeable/skilled at collaboratively working with national authorities on their felt needs.
Space for Giants is putting in place wildlife justice advisors and associated support staff and infrastructure in key wildlife source and destination countries to effectively combat wildlife crime. This will not only support countries to protect their natural heritage, it will also help to prevent the next pandemic. The Wildlife Crime Data Analyst must have some relevant criminal law experience (preferably in prosecution, law development, legal training) in East Africa with a solid understanding of the national and regional legal contexts/cultures and relevant contacts.

Scope of Work
The Wildlife Crime Data Analyst will support the Wildlife Justice and Rule of Law Manager and the Wildlife Justice Advisor in designing and delivery of programme components related to court monitoring, law/policy development, legal capacity building to all actors in criminal justice pathway and wildlife advocacy in the East Africa Region. Key responsibilities include:
• Coordinate and carry out Wildlife Crime Court Monitoring activities (both live court monitoring, gathering of data from courts etc.) in East Africa;
• Collate, clean, analyze and compile wildlife crime baseline and impacts surveys to draw conclusion about trends in criminal trial processes, identify legal shortcomings and propose recommendations for training capacity building;
• Maintain and update a complex database (and associated outcomes) of all high profile wildlife crime cases for the East Africa region.
• Support the development and delivery of law/policy interventions in East Africa region in coordination with the Wildlife Justice Advisor, national authorities and other partners. This includes supporting the review and development of relevant prosecution tools, legislations, regulations, policies on wildlife justice and rule of law aspects affecting the combating wildlife crime.
• Develop and sustain strategic and technical relationships/alliances/partnerships and with local authorities, partners NGOs, IGOs etc. as necessary to deliver the wildlife justice programme.
• Support the Wildlife Justice Advisor in the delivery of national/regional legal capacity building efforts to rangers/investigators, prosecutors and judicial officers in East Africa.
• Support resource mobilization and fundraising activities as necessary to ensure adequate funding for project delivery (including grant writing, financial reporting and other project management/organizational development tasks)
• Represent Space for Giants in East Africa at meetings as assigned or necessary, while upholding the values and strategic focus of the organization.
• Report to and undertake all other responsibilities assigned by the Wildlife Justice Advisor and Wildlife Justice and Rule of Law Manager.

Necessary Skill Set
• University degree or postgraduate degree in relevant field Statistics,Data analysis, or related field
• Excellent Analytical skills (experience with analytical software an advantage)
• Legal background or an interest in law enforcement, wildlife conservation, environmental and socio-economic issues is an added advantage.
• Advanced Computer Literacy (especially knowledge of Google Suite/Drive, analysis in Google sheets etc)
• Exceptional organisational skills and ability to compile disparate data from a variety of sources and formats into a cohesive database, and maintaining the large datasets;
• Excellent attention to detail and ability to identify trends and patterns of information.
• Experience writing high quality descriptive reports;
• Exceptional organizational skills, ability to facilitate communication between different locations and ability work independently to meet deadlines
• Independent thinker and showing initiative in developing innovative approaches
• Exceptional interpersonal and organizational skills, ability to facilitate communication between different locations and ability work independently to meet deadlines
• Independent thinker and showing initiative in developing innovative approaches
• Willingness to undertake significant levels of work-related travel.

Place of Work
You will be based in East Africa, likely Kampala, Uganda.. You will be required to work long hours (weekdays and weekends) beyond the traditional 8:00am to 5:00pm in variable conditions, including remote locations under physically demanding conditions. Additional work hours may be required to fulfill responsibilities. You must be ready to travel frequently domestically and internationally.
Reporting and Delivery
The position will report to the Wildlife Justice Advisor with oversight from the Wildlife Justice and Rule of Law Manager.
Contract Term
Three year contract.
The WJA will be remunerated competitively based on industry standards and standard benefits including health insurance.

Application procedure

If you meet the above qualifications, skills and experience, you should apply by emailing your application to jobs@spaceforgiants.org . Your application should include a cover letter, and curriculum Vitae. Indicate “Wildlife Crime Data Analyst EA” in the subject line of your email.
Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews. If you have any questions related to this position please contact: jobs@spaceforgiants.org 

Date Posted: 2022-01-11