Manager- Revenue Assurance job at National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

Manager- Revenue Assurance job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 23 January 2022

Hiring Organization: National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

Job Details:

The jobholder is responsible for managing the overall Fund Revenues for all investment classes of Fixed income, Equity and Real Estate and has the primary day-to-day responsibility of overseeing fund debtors. The jobholder also plays a fundamental role in the preparation of Financial Statements

Duties and Responsibilities include:
• Increase customer satisfaction; Roll out communication programs for timeliness and accuracy of periodic investments and revenue reports.
• Increase profitability, increase revenues, maximize revenue collection. Generate cost reduction initiative.
• Undertake Business process engineering and improve productivity.
• Supervise Investments and treasury back office function
• Ensure all investments are fully authorized as per investments policy before being booked in the accounting system.
• Creation of fixed income customers in the system.
• Ensuring all the investment principles for the three investment classes are accurately and timely booked in the system.
• Review the booked transactions and update them to the General ledger for fixed income investments and staff mortgages.
• Monitoring of all investments and their maturity dates to ensure that accurate amounts are settled and on time to increase the pool of funds available for investment.
• Ensuring that all recalled funds are receipted and accurately applied to open invoices that they relate to in the system.
• Ensure all rolled over investments accurately comply with the new terms of investments to boost revenue collections.
• Follow up with banks to ensure all supporting documentation to investments is received and tally with the agreed terms.
• Ensure safe custody of all investment documentation.
• Monitoring of both local and foreign money markets.
• Monthly obtaining of prevailing forex rates and update in the system to revalue all foreign currency denominated assets.
• Ensure timely reconciliation of the investments to the General Ledger and are supported with certificates of deposits.
• Preparation of weekly and monthly fixed income reports.
• Ensure adequate financial procedures are in place before equity transactions are booked in the system.
• Creation of equity customers in the system
• Ensure timely and accurate booking of all equity purchases and/or disposals.
• Monitoring of the Stock Markets, Uganda Securities Exchange, Nairobi Stock Exchange and Rwanda Stock Exchange to ensure accurate revaluation of equities and restatement in the system.
• Ensuring all information obtained from the brokers is accurate and the commissions charged are as per agreed terms and conditions.
• Liaising with stockbrokers and custodians on all new purchases and disposals to ensure that the information provided tallies with the actual movement of funds on the bank statement
• Liaising with our associates to ensure that all the financial information provided from their side is accurately and timely recorded in the system.
• Making accurate and timely provisions for dividends declared and follow up of payments when they fall due.
• Reconciliation of equity ledgers, capital gains, losses and dividend ledgers.
• Preparation of monthly equity reports.
• Ensure reconciliation of Fund Managers and Custodian reports.
• Ensuring payment documents for real estate are properly authorized.
• Ensure timely revaluation of investment properties and restatement in the system.
• Writing terms of reference for revaluation requirements.
• Preparation of monthly real estate report.
• Ensuring the section and the department is applying all relevant accounting standards appropriately
• Ensuring accurate recording of all accrued interest, rental invoices and dividend income.
• Ensuring maximization of revenue collections.
• Ensuring the agreed rates of interest is applied to the correct principal placements and to the right banks.
• Review of captured invoices and receipts and update them in the system to the General ledger.
• Ensuring that accurate interest is timely paid on all investments.
• Ensuring reconciliation of interest, rent and dividend income to income receivable.
• Ensure all tenants have valid tenancy agreements.
• Ensure timely billing and collection of all rent and utilities.
• Ensuring reconciliation between our records and the property agents.
• Enforcement and initiation of penalties of non-complying tenants.
• Alerting the Property Manager and Letting Agent of defaulting tenants.
• Ensure accurate and timely booking of recoveries.
• Follow up defaulting debtors and forward to Legal department for re-enforcement.
• Ensure automation of the investments, reconciliation and revenue processes.
• Review and recommend, as needed, modifications to the existing system to improve efficiency.
• Supervise Revenue staff and ensure that they are performing at acceptable levels and conforming to the company’s policies and procedures.
• Conduct analytical reviews of business performance areas and avail value-adding advice.
• Identify areas of opportunity to derive key insights for value addition
• Proficient in customer and client handling to enable relationship management
• Prepare reports and conduct presentations on output to clients and stakeholders.
• Ensure preparation of Financial Statements in accordance with the relevant accounting standards.
• Ascertain compliance of finance policies and procedures to relevant laws and guiding principles
• Knowledgeable in Oracle system performance and advise on key customizations to improve efficiencies.
• Review and recommend, as needed, modifications to the existing system to improve efficiency.

Education Requirements:
• A good bachelor’s degree in a numerical field and professional qualification in accounting like ACCA, CPA. A degree in Master of Business Administration is an added advantage
• Related job experience
• Minimum of 5 years work experience with at least 2 at a Managerial Level practising accounting concepts

• Skills and Abilities:
• High analytical skills and ability to deal with figures.
• Integrity and confidentiality as the job exposes one to very confidential income and investment information.
• Good oral and written communication skills to clients and be able to interact with diversity of individuals.
• Supervisory and Leadership skills.

Application procedure

To apply follow this email 

Date Posted: 2022-01-20