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Finance Assistant job Post

Location:  Jobs in Uganda 2021 - 2022

Work Hours: Full-time, 08 hours per day

Salary: UGX

No. of vacancies: 01

Deadline: 14 January 2022

Hiring Organization: Jeeva consult International Ltd

Job Details:

Position: Finance Assistant
Duration: 1 year (Renewable based on performance and availability of funds)
Employment type: Full time
Reporting To: Finance and Accounts Officer
Location: Kampala.

Overview of the Position
The Accounts Assistant is a full time job position within Jeeva organogram / structure which is a supportive role in the finance and accounts department. Considering the changes which have taken place in the last two years in the entire company, the finance department currently has only one staff member who handles all matters relating to finance yet the department has overtime grown to handle many financial transactions.
With one staff in the department, there have arose various delays in processing payments, verifying and reviewing requisitions, challenges with ensuring compliance to company finance policies by staff as well as general delays in financial reporting.
In order to strengthen the capacity of the finance department, there is thus a need to increase on the staffing level in the department with an additional supportive role for improved performance and addressing the current challenges faced in the department.
Therefore, Jeeva seeks to recruit a staff to fill the available supportive role as a Finance Assistant to perform the following functions.

The Finance Assistant (FiA) will provide finance related support to the Finance and Accounts Officer for a period of one year. The FiA will perform various tasks in the finance department over the period ranging from filing, compliance checks and preparing payment vouchers which will help reduce on the workload of the FAO. This will in return help reduce the current challenges in the department and result in better performance of the department.

Roles and Responsibilities.
The FiA will perform the following roles and tasks;

Processing of payment requisitions
• Receive all funds/payment requisitions from all staff
• Review/crosscheck all requisitions presented to finance alongside the approved budget limits o Ensure that all requisitions have the supporting /source documents including; LPOs, Contracts, Goods Received Note/Delivery Note, email initiations for service engagements, negotiations, and email approvals among others
• Provide any feedback to the requisitioning officer/staff for redress any queries/omissions in the requisitions including rejected/unapproved requisitions
• After satisfactory review of the requisitions, forward the same to the FAO for checking and signing and submit the same to the MD for approval
• Follow up with the MD to ensure that the requisitions are approved to proceed with payments
• Preparing Payment Vouchers
• Upon MDs approval of the requisitions, prepare the Payment Vouchers (PV)
• Submit the written PVs to FAO for review/checking and signing and FAO enters the payments into the online system to submit to MD for signing
• Follow-up on the approval/authorization of the PVs
• Preparing Cheques and Making Cash Payments
• For payments to be made by cheques, write the cheque alongside the PVs and present to FAO
• for review and later submit to MD for signing
• For cash payments, wait to receive all cash and pay to the respective payee’s
• Deliver and record the cheque details in the cheque ledger book
Compliance checks and review
• Review and ensure that all submitted documents (requisitions and accountabilities) meet the required standards of the company
• Ensure that all submitted documents have the supporting documents
• Manage petty cash imprest
• Prepare the request for Petty Cash and submit to FAO for review and approval by MD as per the approved budget
• Receive petty cash and keep safe custody of the same
• Receive any petty cash requisitions from staff and review the same to ensure that the requested funds are within available limits, thereafter submit to FAO for review and signing.
• Submit the petty cash requisitions to Field Manager or MD for approval/authorization
• Maintain an updated Petty Cash Count which should be signed by the FAO on a weekly basis
• Prepare a monthly petty cash report
• Provide a weekly update on available petty cash
• Timely filing of Finance documents
• Ensure that all finance documents are filled appropriately in the right files
• Open up new files for new projects
• Ensure that all approved payments are properly filled
• Finance Reporting
• Support the FAO in compiling finance reports by providing any input. The preparation of all finance reports will be done by the FAO
• Support the FAO in ensuring that the finance reports are aligning with the files
• Prepare and submit for review/signing other reports specified for the position and submit to
• FAO for review/signing and thereafter submit to MD for approval
Financial Accountabilities
• Receive all finance accountabilities from all staff for all moneys disbursed to them in due course of the month
• Follow-up with all staff on their accountabilities by sending them email reminders for any pending funds which have not been accounted for
• Review all the accountabilities and accept/reject any which are incomplete and provide feedback to the concerned staff.
• Ensure that all accountabilities have the supporting documents
• After review, forward to FAO for review/signing and submit the same to MD for approval
• Prepare status monthly accountabilities report

Required Experience, Skills and Competencies
• This position will require a person with the following experience, skills and competencies;
• The candidate should posess a degree of bachelors in Finance, or Accounting, Commerce, Business Administration (Finance Option) or related course from a recognized university and
• should have one (1) year experience with a reputable organization or profit making company
• A candidate with a diploma in finance or accounting or related course from a recognized institution should have atleast 2-3 years’ experience with a recognized for profit organization/company
• Should demonstrable good understanding of finance systems and management
• Should have excellent communication skills
• Should be open and ready to learning new things and concepts
• Should demonstrate good use and proficient use of using Microsoft office i.e. MS Word and MS Excel
• Proficient use of the QuickBooks Accounting Software or related accounting software’s will be desirable/added advantage
• Having started or completed ACCA/CPA will be an added advantage
• Should have understanding and experience in managing, PAYE, NSSF, provident fund and URA tax compliance
• Ability to work under pressure to be able to meet strict deadlines
• Strong team working skills and ability to develop and maintain effective working relations at all levels both within and outside the team
• Punctual, honest, dependable, servant leader, trustworthy, encourager, peacekeeper, multi- tasking, and self-starter
• An energetic, flexible and proactive approach with the ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a team setting
• Well organized and efficient in time management whenever there is task pressure
• Female Candidates are highly encouraged to apply.
• Preference will be given to candidates aged below 27 years and have recently graduated in past
2-3 years.

Application procedure

Interested candidates should submit their applications (cover letter), updated CV and scanned copies of Academic documents. Applications should be addressed to the Human Resources Officer, Jeeva Consult International Ltd and emailed (all documents and attachments in one single PDF document ) to with the Subject line: Finance Assistant Position [JEV-REC-2022-001]
Applications which do not conform to the above specifications will automatically be disqualified. Application deadline: Friday 14th January 2022 at 5: 00PM
NB: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews.

Date Posted: 2022-01-06